Sunday, December 8, 2013

Look to the Skies II

In addition to this blog I also write one for the Jewish Artists' Lab which is focusing the year on the theme of light. In recent days Minnesota has been in the deep freeze for which our compensation has been the sighting of sundogs, a phenomenon which I have been unaware of until now.

Here is a picture that I snapped of one portion of a sundog which resembles a rainbow, but is created by a reflection of ice crystals when the sun is low. One of the benefits of writing a blog is that I get to pursue concepts that interest me and in this case explore how they were reported and depicted in history. One can safely assume that natural phenomenon that create wonder in us today, certainly created a perception of meaning in the past. In this case the history takes us back to Ezekiel and 1535 Stockholm. You can read more at
Creative Connections:Look to the Skies.


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