Saturday, March 19, 2016

Shared Memory

And yet another memory from the memory jar...This one was told more like a story.  Here's what was shared:

My memory takes place on an old farm in rural Minnesota.  My grandmother was plowing one summer day and clipped a fawn's leg.  She mended her leg and Toosie became a family member.  One early summer morning I was playing with Toosie on the front yard.  I was about 3 years old and I had an aqua blue oversized toy camera.  I pretended to be a photographer capturing the moment with my curious playmate.  My grandma sat wearing her cat eye glasses and white sleeveless blouse with pure amusement spread across her face.

For those just joining this thread, the story was provided by a young woman visiting my studio and represents a memory she shared with a loved one who lost memory.  I am painting two paintings for each memory, one that is representational of the story as told, the second that plays with the vantage point.  In this case it is from the perspective of the fawn.

Above you can see the scene as I first imagined it.  Grandma with her cat eye glasses sitting on the porch watching her granddaughter and the fawn occupying the foreground of the canvas.  I made her a little older than in her memory.

I often will use a drawing program on my Ipad to do a quick sketch with my finger of an idea and while doodling came up with a totem pole image, all three aligned with the grandmother's arms around her   granddaughter and the fawn facing them both.   I decided to add the wicker chair as well, embracing the three of them in shared memory.  This may not be done yet, but I like the image.  I like the darkness of the sunglasses, the camera's lens and the dark nose of the fawn.  Once more the second image is a more playful take by looking at it from another perspective.

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